Terms Of Service 

  1. By entering Cellular-e’s store / website and by purchasing or submitting a device, you are agreeing to all of Cellular-e’s terms of use and company policy. You may find the full and detailed copy on our website. 

  2. Submitting a device for repair or for diagnosis entails a Service Fee, 50 nis for a Smartphone and 100 nis for Tablet or Laptop. This fee will be deducted from the final price quoted, and is to be paid regardless if the device was repaired or not. Devices will only be returned after all payments are paid. 

  3. We will only repair the fault that the customer informs us to. Prices and time quotes for repairs, products and orders are estimated and subject to change! 

  4. Cellular-e will not be held responsible for any indirect or increased damage, loss of data or accessories, damage caused by repairing a device with corrosion or that had contact with moisture, damage caused do to a former repair, or damage caused by repair done when the replacement part was provided by the customer.

  5. There may be signs the device was repaired once opening a device (slight scratches, discolored paint, glue filling, and the like) and devices opened may lose its waterproof capabilities. The opening or software change of a device may void it’s manufacturer's warranty. Broken or faulty parts may be further damaged and will only be returned to the customer if it was clearly stated while submitting the device!

  6. Devices not picked up within 30 days from notice to the provided contact information, will be recycled accordingly.

  7. Devices submitted in a state where it cannot be easily tested prior the repair (Whether it has no display, not charged, locked, etc...) may have multiple issues! Cellular-e will not be held responsible for any other damage revealed during the repair, and the repair price must be paid regardless of the other issues. In an event where the device will not power on, the repair price will be charged once having turned on the device.  

  8. Our warranty for products and repairs are for 3 months from the initial purchase date with a provided receipt. Software repairs, corrosion treatments, repairs done with parts provided by the customer, or replacement parts sold to a customer, are not covered under warranty. Warranty only covers the exact repair done, and will be voided by any signs of physical damage, misuse, corrosion, software changes, opening of the device, or removal of warranty stickers.

  9. Extended warranty, service provider issues, warranty covered by manufacturers or a third party, must be resolved with them and not Cellular-e. Products under Cellular-e’s warranty may have to be sent back to the supplier to be repaired or replaced which may result in a longer exchange/repair time.

  10. We will only accept returns for items returned within 14 days of purchase. The returned product must be in the same condition sold- unopened and unused, with it’s original packaging and a receipt. Payment for service, labor, or for purchasing a replacement part will not be refunded. Payments made with a credit card will have a 5% commission fee deducted.