What’s your refund policy?

You can read our full "terms of use" and store policy here

Do you deliver?

We can provide delivery services either by personal couriers or by the Israeli postal service.

Help! I dropped my phone in water!!

Any electronic device exposed to liquid or moisture can suffer water damage. Initially the liquid (which is a conductor) can short between components causing certain features not to work, or for the device not power on. Eventually the liquid/moisture on the circuit turns into corrosion (rust) which eats away at components and their circuits, causing permanent damage to the motherboard. A professional water damage treatment (explained below) is highly recommended to ensure positive results, but here are some tips that can help and lessen the damage till you can bring the device to Cellular-e for a full water damage treatment.

• Do not shake the device! (Doing this causes the water to spread and can short components)

• Turn the device off and remove the battery if possible. The electric current will cause the metals to oxidize rapidly.

• Remove case and open any covers to allow water to drain and faster drying

• Dry the device best as possible- (dissembling it is best, but may cause further damage if not opened properly)… Try using a vacuum. A hair dryer will dry the device, but will also push the liquid in deeper so is not always recommend.

• Place the device in a sealed bag with rice or silica packs to absorb moisture till you can bring it to a professional.

• Never forget- the faster you bring the device to a professional water damage treatment the higher the chances are of saving the device.

Why is there a risk repairing devices that have been in contact with liquid or moisture?

Electronic devices have delicate conductive circuits parts in them, so any exposure to liquid or moisture tend to cause them to corrode. Therefore any movement, decrease in pressure, or even further decaying of rust may cause a break of the contact with the rest of the circuit.

What is a corrosion treatment?

We at Cellular-e treat and repair water damaged devices with a high success rate, and will always do our best to rescue your device. A corrosion treatment includes:

• Completely disassembling and internally drying the device.

• Placing the motherboard in an ultrasonic bath with special chemicals to remove and prevent corrosion.

• Examine all electric components and connections under a microscope, and and re-solder damaged parts.

• Reassemble the device and conduct a full QC test.

Where is Elliott? What happened to the iPhone guy from Nachal Ayalon?

Cellular-e was created by Elliott Grama late 2010. Then he was supervising over a lab in Ramat Gan during the mornings, and servicing Bet Shemesh once he arrived at home on Nachal Ayalon. We still aim to give the same warm personal American quality service as then, even as we expand do to the large demand at hand. You can read more about Elliott here...

Why do some repairs take longer than others?

No two phones are alike, and all models are built differently even if they are built by the same manufacturer! This makes some models, or specific repairs on a model, simpler than others. This leads to some models or repairs to have a faster turnaround time than others.

Motherboard issues (ic components, micro soldering etc...) take time to repair as they are very delicate and can only be done with total isolation and lots of patience and precision. In some scenarios we must test numerous components till the faulty one is found and replaced and 

Many times a device must be tested too, to ensure the problem does not reoccur or if the problem isn't consistent... this can also result in longer turnaround times.

Why are some screens so expensive? Can you just replace the glass?

Every brand has their own prices for replacement parts and they mostly control the pricing. We always strive to buy the best quality parts from known suppliers. We are aware that sometimes buying from our suppliers in Israel may be more expensive than if you individually purchase a part yourself from overseas, and therefore offer a "labor only" scenario.

Most screens also tend to be expensive as they come complete- LCD, Touch screen digitizer and all... so just buying that sheet of glass would not help you much...

What is the best cell phone out there?

Unfortunately there isn't such a thing! Every phone has its pros and cons! The best solution is to find a phone that bests suits your needs, and obviously one that is in your price range... Good luck phone shopping!

Can I buy a phone from the states?

Sure! Just make sure the phone is GSM compatible and works with the frequencies here in Israel. We at Cellular-e can generally add Hebrew or unlock the device so it will be simfree, but it may be simpler to look for a simfree model initially. You may want to take note of the lack of local warranty and the high taxes you will have to pay in Israel if the device gets stopped in customs.

What is יבואן רשמי? 

יבואן רשמי"י" is literally translated to "official importer". All product not locally manufactured have to imported into the country. Generally a manufacturer/ brand would have one local company that would act as their representative, and would legally bring and sell the products in that country/region.
A product purchased from an "official importer" will be sold and serviced up to the manufacturer's / brand's standards, and will also be optimized for the region.

Why is יבואן רשמי recommended? 

"יבואן רשמי" products are generally more expensive but almost always recommended. By purchasing a "יבואן רשמי" product you are ensuring that the product you purchased is sold up to the company's standards. This means that the device is fully optimized for the region (compatible electric circuitry and frequency bandwidths), was legally imported and passed all government required tests and regulations (has a תו תקן), has OTA software updates, comes with all provided original accessories, and in a sealed box (product guaranteed not to be used/ refurbished or the like). Obviously the product will be covered and serviced by the "official importers" repair labs and warranty. These aspects (not limited to) are factored into the final price, and most be compared accordingly if trying to price match, but ultimately worth the investment.

Why to purchase at Cellular-e?

So many reasons! Here is just a few...