Cellular-e סלולר

Your Premier Electronic Store

Cellular-e has been a leading Bet Shemesh Cellphone Store since 2010. In addition to offering products such as Computers, Mobile Phones, Consoles and Gadgets, we also provide a highly sophisticated repair lab maintained by experienced technicians.

Our customers enjoy the Cellular-e shopping experience because of our large selection of devices and accessories, our high quality repairs, and most important- Our exceptional customer service which ensures you have all the information you need before (and after) making your purchase.

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Personalized Attention

Exceeding Your Expectations

Cellular-e סלולר customers have trusted us with their Electronics needs since 2010. Along with Personalized Attention, technical support, and award-winning customer service are a few of the reasons for our success. 

Professional Services

Get it done right

Cellular-e סלולר offers high end quality repairs, preformed by experienced technicians, with state of art tools. If Professional Services and quality repairs are important to you, then Cellular-e סלולר is the way to go. Give us a call or stop by our store today.

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Process of Mobile Repair

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Your Convenience

As with our other features, our Satisfaction Guaranteed is a major asset. No matter what you’re looking for, our sales people will help you with all of your needs. And if there’s a product that you heard about that we don’t have in stock, we will order it for you directly to our store.

Why Shop With Us?

Cellular-e סלולר is the right choice for your Electronics supplies because of our huge selection of products and great prices. But what else sets us apart from the our competitors? Take a look at the extra touches we’ve been providing since our doors first opened in 2010.